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Welcome to Euphoric Essence Salon, the ONLY Wellness Hair Salon in Houston, Texas!  Women come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and walks of life!  The one thing that you all possess is your God given Beauty!  Euphoric Essence Salon will enhance your beauty without compromising your health.  We specialize in natural hair, textured hair, and curly hair types.  We pride ourselves in having an eco-friendly salon and using high quality, organic, toxin free hair care products to protect the health and hair of every woman.  We believe that what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on your hair, therefore we give consultations on the proper nutrition intake to obtain total wellness.  All of our products are free of TOXINS, SILICONES, RESINS, PHTHALATES, AND PARABENS.  We use products that are the perfect combination between nature and science that give amazing results in our flat twists, silk presses, wash and go, protective styles, and natural curl maintenance.


We know that as a woman you wear many hats.  Let Euphoric Essence be your outlet as you relax in our intimate and serene salon. During an experience with us you will find peace, positivity, and rejuvenation.  Our services are tailored to your goals of hair health and style.  We are excited to take this hair journey with you, so book your appt today!  We are the  salon that you have been looking for...Come to the place Where Wellness Meets Beauty!

For a versatile protective style, the flat twists are calling your name! You can wear them twisted and pinned up for a week and then take them down for the most defined twist out ever! Book with us and achieve the look of your dreams!

If you love your curls and you want them more manageable, moisturized and defined...This style is for you!  It lasts up to 2 weeks! Book your appointment and grace us with you presence!

These beautiful and neat french braids are great for a natural hair protective style!  Its very low maintenance...Your hair needs a break from time to time, come and give it a rest with us!  Book your appt today!





Anybody ready to Twist and Shout?! Welcome to the class that teaches you how to flat twist!! This technique is so popular in getting a great low maintenance protective style or wearing a big twist out! This is a hands on intimate class so everyone will get the one on one attention needed to learn the the technique. There will be light bites, music, fun and positive energy flowing. Please bring a model and make sure their hair is stretched and clean.  See you there!



BELIEVE in yourself! THINK your way thin! See yourself HEALTHY! It's all easier said than done...right? Or is it?! We're giving YOU the tools you need to be successful in 2020 and beyond to overcome health challenges- whether physical, mental or spiritual.

Health is not just a saying, it's a way of life for many successful people. Are you ready to take your health to the next level?