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Women come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and walks of life!  The one thing that you all possess is your God given Beauty!  Euphoric Essence Salon will enhance your beauty without compromising your health.  


We specialize in natural hair, textured hair, and curly hair types.  We pride ourselves in having an eco-friendly salon and using high quality, organic, toxin free hair care products to protect the health and hair of every woman. 


We believe that what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on your hair, therefore we give consultations on the proper nutrition intake to obtain total wellness.  All of our products are free of TOXINS, SILICONES, RESINS, PHTHALATES, AND PARABENS.  We use products that are the perfect combination between nature and science that give amazing results in our flat twists, silk presses, wash and go, protective styles, and natural curl maintenance.


Women suffer from many sicknesses and diseases that are linked to toxic exposure.  Cancer, austism, nervous system disorders, reproductive issues, fibroids, hormonal disruption, allergies, immunotoxcities, and asthma are just a couple of health issues caused by exposure to chemicals through beauty and hair care products.


 Toxins enter into the body through Absorption (what is put on the skin: Shampoo, Conditioner, Gel, Relaxer, etc.), Inhalation (what is inhaled: Color, Relaxer, Hairspray, Brazilian Blowouts, etc.), and Ingestion (what is eaten: Unhealthy foods) 

Euphoric Essence Salon aims to protect and preserve the hair and health of every woman by minimizing the toxins in our salon.  We do not provide chemical services (inhalation).  We use organic, toxin free hair care products (absorption), sanitize with EPA approved eco-friendly cleaners (inhalation), and give nutritional suggestions (ingestion) to help obtain total wellness. 

We know that as a woman you wear many hats so being well in mind, body and spirit is imperative. We focus on the inner beauty of a woman so she can live a life of freedom, peace, love, joy and fulfillment! True beauty shines from within!


Let Euphoric Essence be your place to refill your cup in every way. During an experience with us you will find peace, positivity, and rejuvenation.  Our services are tailored to help you Heal & Thrive in Wellness & Beauty. We are excited to take this Wellness & Beauty journey with you, so book your Euphoric Consultation today!

Our vision is to be the wellness hair salon that extends beyond just the care of hair with toxin free products, but to the overall wellness of every woman!   

Our Vision

Our Story


We have been in existence since 2008. 20 year hair expert and Owner/Stylist Tashell Williams has wanted her own a salon since she was a little girl.  At an early age she fell in love with the ambiance of a salon; from the music, to the smiles shared and the uplifting conversations. She would watch how a great hairstyle would change the confidence of every woman that sat in a chair.  On her path to a salon owner, she discovered that her talent was being a hairstylist herself.  In 2002, she got really sick and nearly lost her life after she had her lung removed.  That did not stop her dream of being a salon owner and continuing to be a stylist.  In her quest to make some changes to enhance her health, she decided to adopt a wellness lifestyle that has spilled over into her business.  Euphoric Essence Salon is the wellness hair salon that has changed the Beauty Industry by focusing on the inner and outer beauty of every woman. We help women Heal & Thrive in Beauty & Wellness so they they can life a fulfilling life!  Euphoric Essence Salon, the place Where Wellness Meets Beauty!

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