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"What can I say about Tashell! I’ve known Tashell since 2008 and I’ve had the pleasure of watching her business develop. Since I’ve known her, she has always had a passion for healthy lifestyle and total wellness.  I am so happy that she is combining her passion and her calling by maintaining healthy hair using safe products.  Tashell is a person of high integrity and has always been thoughtful of the products that she uses.  What makes her great is that she doesn’t view her clients as “just clients”. Once you become a client, you become a friend. Tashell has always believed in treating the whole person, not just the hair. Whether she is suggesting vitamins, supplements, lifestyle changes, or encouraging her clients to “drink more water”, I’ve always known that Tashell truly cared.  If you’re looking for someone to trust with your hair and well-being, I highly recommend Tashell Williams. Not only does she care about her clients, but we care about her as well. Therefore, I have one request if you choose her as your stylist.  Please take care of her.  Most of us know to reschedule our appointments if we have a cold, as she is the ‘one lung survivor’.  We have to keep her healthy!!"

-Courtney N. Prewitt

"Tashell has been my stylist for over 10 years now.  She is a truly an amazing person and a phenomenal stylist.  After years of not properly taking care of my hair, colors, multiple styles, multiple stylists in and out of my head, God sent me to the internet to do a random search for “healthy hair stylist”, you can only imagine how many stylist  popped up with that search.  I looked at a few, saw their work, but was not moved.  I then clicked on a salon where multiple stylists worked. You know the natural stylist, the weave expert, the color queen, and to my surprise there was Tashell “the healthy hair stylist”.  I was sold!  I liked her styles that were posted and knew I would be a satisfied customer!  When I first met her, she was truly amazing, sweet, concerned and down to earth!  She showed true and genuine concern for my hair and getting it to a healthy state.  She was and still is very consistent and loves her profession dearly.  She cares and loves her client's hair, nurses it and also builds personal relationships with her clients.  I often tell her she has "anointed hands" as I have never had such a positive experience or reaction with any other stylist.  Tashell walks you through the process, asks you what your personal goals for you hair is, gives suggestions, never takes advantage and she gets positive, productive, awesome and amazing results!  In 10 years I have never left her chair unsatisfied with my hair.  She is truly and simply  amazing!  I thank God and her everytime she places her hands in my head.  I also thank God and her for being such a great friend!"

-Ashley Martin

"If you are looking for a natural hair stylist I highly recommend Tashell."

-Debbie B.

"Tashell has magic fingers ! I'm in love with her shampoo and go style !!"

-Laquette G.

"Tashell is simply a MIRACLE WORKER ! Absolutely the best !"

-Stephanie O.

"Tashell did an awesome job with my 5 year old niece! She was very patient and took the time to make sure that she had a good first time salon experience. She styled my niece's hair exactly how she wanted it and she left with a big smile on her face."

-Quintella J.

"My five year old hates getting her hair done. She screams and cries often. We have even been kicked out of a salon because the stylist refused to do her hair due to her screaming. We have been to Tashell twice (twists and silk press). Nicolette has not cry once. She has the magic touch. She's amazing!"

-Margaux R.

"She is very knowledgeable about natural hair & natural hair care. She's what I've been looking for since I've transitioned to natural hair and she is amazing. I've never had a hair stylist who genuinely cares about your hair and hair goals. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a hair stylist, natural or not!"

-Ciarrah W.

"Extremely knowledgeable about natural hair care. Was honest enough to let me know that my daughter's hair was too damaged for a silk press; it was refreshing to have a stylist tell you the truth."

-Violet B.H.

"What an awesome experience! Tashell is very knowledgeable about natural hair & natural hair care. She takes time to discuss your hair and genuinely cares about your hair goals."

-Marquette R.

"She's very professional, cares about the health of your hair, and does an exceptional job. She really took the time to make sure I would be pleased with the outcome. My hair looks and feels amazing!"

-Cali R.

"I love, love, love both my hair and Tashell!! My experience was nothing short of amazing. Her expertise on wellness and healthy hair care were truly a treat. Tashell is very professional and has a great personality! She's definitely a vet in the hair game and she could really teach these newcomers a thing or two! Lol. I left her chair feeling beautiful and fabulous! I've gained a stylist and a friend! I'll definitely be back and will spread the word!! Book her, you won't be sorry! "

-Tasha T.

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