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Copy My Proven System To Increase Your Revenue in The Next 60 Days Using Holistic Services & Solutions...

Without Overbooking and Working More Hours!

The Consultation that Builds Clientele Playbook is everything you need!

Get the secrets to how I built a six figure income just working 4 days a week as a One Lung Survivor using Holistic Services & Solutions! 

I used my knowledge & expertise as a Licensed Cosmetologist of 23 years and Cert. Wellness Coach and my heart to go deeper than just hair to create The Euphoric Hair Consultation.


The Euphoric Consultation is the first of its kind where I married a counterintuitive Holistic & Wellness Approach with the salon experience.

This consultation builds solid client relationships, helps your clients heal, improve their health & wellness and have healthy hair!


With this consultation, I help you generate a six figure yearly income as a hairstylist without working tons of hours, over-booking, or adding on more hair services.


All by simply adding Holistic Services and Solutions to create a premium experience clients love and you charge more for it..


And as a result… This creates predictability in your business, and frees you up to do whatever you want.. Spend time with your family, travel the world - this is The Consultation that Builds Clientele Playbook.


My Name Is Tashell Williams and I Created The Consultation that Builds Clientele Playbook to Help:
Empathic Hairstylists & Hairstylists with Health Challenges  Make More Money Monthly While Working Less..

About Me...

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I am Tashell Williams....

  • I love God, my family, music, dancing, peace, all things toxin free, giving and helping others through my purpose.


  • I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Expert of 20+ years, Cert. Wellness Coach, Educator, Public Speaker and Published Author.​


  • I opened Euphoric Essence Hair Salon (2008).​​


  • I am the mastermind behind merging beauty and wellness to help women be the best version of themselves inside and out.

  • I've been a booked-out hair stylist ever since I opened Euphoric Essence Salon. I am known for my growing hands and my extensive hair knowledge.

  • I have serviced 500+ women with an average rating of 5 stars and 98% client retention rate my whole career. My clients say I am the total package..:)

  • In 2020, I launched my vegan and organic hair product line Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty Products as a solution to moisture and growth for textured hair.

  • During the pandemic I closed my salon doors. I wanted to transition from service-provider to a knowledge-based coaching and consulting business.

  • I love to serve women! My hard work has been recognized throughout the years.

  • Awards: Top 50 Black Professionals & Entrepreneurs of Texas, 40/40 Influential Award for Small Business (2 Times), 5 Consecutive Years as Sugar Land's Beauty Salon of the Year (2019-2023), Inducted into the Sugar Land Business Hall of Fame (Sugar Land Program)

  • Publications: Sheen Magazine, SwagHer Magazine, Baltimore Times, Bronze Magazine, Woman to Woman Talk Magazine, We Empower, Leading with Lee Magazine and more.

The Old Way

The Hard Way

  • You are stressed, trying to figure out how to build clientele.

  • You work crazy hours

  • You overbook

  • You take more skill set classes

  • You hire an assistant to lighten the load and make more money

  • You hesitantly give yourself a small raise

  • You face burnout

  • End Result=Overworked, Underpaid, No Time for you!

The New Way

​The Easy Way

  • Implement Holistic Services & Solutions

  • Charge More

  • Work with Dream Clients

  • End Result=Freedom & Financial Security

Copying my Proven Model is a Shortcut..

Here is how I came up with it...

My Story

For years my health suffered. I was burned out and exhausted, so I did something crazy..

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of owning a hair salon!

I had no idea that I would go on the become a licensed hairstylist(1999) along the way..

In 2000, at the age of 22, tragedy struck..


They found a rare tumor in my right lung that caused me to have my lung removed..


During the recovery from that surgery I experienced coding 2 times, sepsis, pneumonia, ards and more..


It landed me on life support in a medically induced coma for 1.5 months not expected to live..


Well at 65 pounds I was discharged from the hospital labeled a “miracle” by my doctors, with the orders...”Go and live your life!”


To God be the glory for healing me!!!!


Life as I knew it before was different, but my dream of owning a salon and being a successful hairstylist stayed the same..


I was in love with being a hairstylist! But the question was...could I still do it with my limitations?


The answer is YES!


I became a full time hairstylist in 2006 and opened my own salon (Euphoric Essence Salon) in 2008!


My specialty was styling and maintaining healthy relaxed long hair.. (thats what I had at the time)


As much as I enjoyed it, I wondered in the back of my mind.. How long can I do something that I love that is so bad for my health?

The reality is...due to the high chemical exposure in salons, its not the healthiest place to be for long amounts of time..

I remember having problems with my breathing here and there, eczema, recurring sinus infections, bad allergies, horrendous cycles, bad acne, drained energy and dizziness.


I couldnt just stop doing hair because I had built a solid clientele and was able to help provide for my family doing what I loved...


I remember my husband suggesting that I start doing natural hair because it was better for my health...


My answer..”NO”...I didnt like natural hair at all..


I didnt want to learn how to do something new..


I was flowing in my lane of relaxed hair..


So what was I going to do to be healthier behind the chair?


In 2016, I was educated about environmental wellness and the ways that toxins (harmful things that make us sick) enter into our bodies.


I realized just how harmful it was to my health to continue to go down the path filled with chemicals.. I had to create a safe space not only for me, but for my clients..


After much prayer, I made the crazy and scary decision to rebrand my salon, which caused me to start over in business from ground zero!


I became a Cert. Wellness Coach and a Holistic Hairstylist that serviced natural hair clients in a non toxic and safe environment that was free of chemical exposure..


I used my new found knowledge and focused on the overall wellness of my clients and its connection to reaching their hair goals.

I  created The Euphoric Consultation as a way to find out my clients' hair & health history, hair issues and goals so that I could create a plan to help them reach their hair goals.

It was the perfect introduction to a long lasting relationship!


And Guess what?

There were MANY BENEFITS that came a long with this transition..


No more breathing issues, my skin cleared up, no more sinus infections, normal cycles, no allergies and I had the same energy leaving the salon as I did when I arrived..

My clients got healthier and their hair had amazing results...


To my surprise, I made over 12k in revenue in my first several months, while working less than half of the amount of time that I was working before.


I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and it was so freeing! 

I was so much healthier and I had peace of mind because I was doing something to preserve me and my clients’ health, help them reach their hair goals and making more money!

In 2021, I retired as hairstylist. My clients were devastated as you could imagine..

When they asked me for referrals, I honestly had none..

I had created a brand that was set apart and my clients (especially my clients with health challenges and that were health conscious) were looking for something similar..


On numerous occasions people have told me how The Euphoric Consultation was nothing they had ever experienced before and it was the sole reason they trusted me with their haircare from day one.

It was the sign that I needed to know that I had to share it and show other hairstylists how to use it to gain the same type of trust from their clients, and income that I had while working less hours behind the chair.

 I was a present mom who also got to pursue my business dreams. There's nothing like being a successful hairstylist with enough time and energy to play at the park with your kids!

And in this Playbook, I'll teach you how you can do it too...

Zero guesswork here!

In this playbook, I'll be walking you through my exact, easy-to-follow processes for using my Holistic Approach to grow your business!


The Euphoric Consultation Magic Unveiled: Get ready to unravel the secrets of the Euphoric Consultation that is a magnet for your ideal clients.

  • I teach you my C.O.N.N.E.C.T Methodology that helps you connect with you clients and build a lifelong relationship and gives...

  • Step-By-Step guidance on how to implement Holistic services & solutions behind the chair.


Bookings on Autopilot: Discover how to effortlessly turn clients into referrals machines and be fully booked up with your Dream Clients!


Content that Converts: Learn how to turn client pain points and solutions into social media content that grows your following and your business.



Six Figure Formula: Learn how to make a six figure income and have time for your family with my proven Six Figure Formula! It's going to blow your mind!


The Proof in the Pudding from Clients...

The Proof in the Pudding from Income...


In Addition To The Playbook, you'll also get access to...

Bonuses that help you reach your goals faster:

Bonus #1: Live Video Workshop

This video will help you understand the knowledge provided so you execute without overwhelm or confusion.

Bonus #2: 10 Step Plan to Healthy Hair Cheatsheet

The ultimate Healthy Hair regimen that keeps your clients beating down your door! (Pssst, this is a bit of a gold mine!)

Bonus #3: Follow-Up Email Template

This Follow -Up Email will keep your door revolving with new clients, without having to post on social media all the time! 

Bonus #4: 1 Year Treatments and Trims Calendar

This calendar will take away the guesswork for you and your client when it pertains to staying on track with the plan to reach their hair goals.

Bonus #5: 30 Day Hair Regimen Guide

This is a week by week guide to give to your clients to follow as their Hair Regimen. If followed consistently, they will see results with 30-60 days.

Bonus #6: Top Hair Concerns, Causes and Solutions Cheat Sheet

I have created a cheat sheet for the top hair concerns, causes and solutions. This helps if you are new and lack confidence as to how to get great hair results for your clients. I have used these solutions for years and it always works 100%.

Bonus #7: Access to Private Member Community (The Holistic Hairstylist Circle) 3 Months Access

Meet and network with other salon owners and hairstylist who are on the same path as you so that they can keep you accountable and on track to your goals.

  • Live Trainings - Trainings On Various Topics

  • Fresh Content - Get Your Questions Answered

  • Value Bombs - Applicable Tips And Tricks



You have Lifetime Access to this Playbook!

Lets Do This!

Grab your Playbook today with unlimited access to all materials for just $27!

(price increases soon)



How could your life change with more income?

Stop and think for a minute about what would look different in your life if you made an extra $50 -$100 a day for 30 days. That's $1,500-$3000! What could you do? Where would you gain more freedom in your life?


Say hello to your bright new future.




Who is this playbook suitable for?


Answer: This playbook is crafted for empathic and caring hairstylists and salon owners who are interested in adding holistic services & solutions behind the chair. 


Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or a newbie to the beauty world, if your heart is calling for a blend of hairstyling and holistic practices, this playbook is for you!


Do I need to have prior knowledge of Holistic or Wellness practices?


Answer: Not at all! This course is designed to guide you whether you’re experienced or a beginner.


How is the playbook delivered?


Answer: The playbook is self-paced. It a PDF Ebook.


Does My Location Matter?


Answer: Not at all. What we will be going through will work regardless of location. 


What kind of support can I expect for this playbook?


Answer: You’ll have 3 months of access to our private inner circle community to ensure you’re supported and guided every step of the way.


How will this playbook help me increase my income as a hairstylist or salon owner?


Answer: The playbook will guide you through integrating unique, holistic, and high-value services & solutions into your hair services, allowing you to expand your menu and ultimately increase your prices.


How Long Do I Have Access For?


Answer: After your purchase, you'll have immediate lifetime access to everything, including updates.

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