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The Old Way

The Hard Way

  • You are stressed, trying to figure out how to build clientele.

  • You work crazy hours

  • You overbook

  • You take more skill set classes

  • You hire an assistant to lighten the load and make more money

  • You hesitantly give yourself a small raise

  • You face burnout

  • End Result=Overworked, Underpaid, No Time for you!

The New Way

​The Easy Way

  • Create a premium salon experience

  • Charge More

  • Work with Dream Clients

  • End Result=Freedom & Financial Security

Copying my Proven Model is a Shortcut..

The Proof in the Pudding from Clients...

The Proof in the Pudding from Income...


In Addition To The Class, you'll also get access to...

Bonuses that help you reach your goals faster:

Bonus #1: Lifetime Access to this class and material.

This video will help you understand the knowledge provided so you execute without overwhelm or confusion.

Bonus #2: 10 Step Plan to Healthy Hair Cheatsheet

The ultimate Healthy Hair regimen that keeps your clients beating down your door! (Pssst, this is a bit of a gold mine!)

Bonus #3: Follow-Up Email Template

This Follow -Up Email will keep your door revolving with new clients, without having to post on social media all the time! 

Bonus #4: 1 Year Treatments and Trims Calendar

This calendar will take away the guesswork for you and your client when it pertains to staying on track with the plan to reach their hair goals.

Bonus #5: 30 Day Hair Regimen Guide

This is a week by week guide to give to your clients to follow as their Hair Regimen. If followed consistently, they will see results with 30-60 days.

Bonus #6: Top Hair Concerns, Causes and Solutions Cheat Sheet

I have created a cheat sheet for the top hair concerns, causes and solutions. This helps if you are new and lack confidence as to how to get great hair results for your clients. I have used these solutions for years and it always works 100%.

Bonus #7: Access to Private Member Community (The Holistic Hairstylist Circle) 1 Month Access

Meet and network with other salon owners and hairstylist who are on the same path as you so that they can keep you accountable and on track to your goals.

  • Live Trainings - Trainings On Various Topics

  • Fresh Content - Get Your Questions Answered

  • Value Bombs - Applicable Tips And Tricks



You have Lifetime Access to this Playbook!

Lets Do This!

Join The Consultation that Builds Clientele Class today with unlimited access to all materials for just $87!

(price increases soon)



How could your life change with more income?

Stop and think for a minute about what would look different in your life if you made an extra $50 -$100 a day for 30 days. That's $1,500-$3000! What could you do? Where would you gain more freedom in your life?


Say hello to your bright new future.




Who is this class for?


Answer: This class is crafted for experienced and inexperienced hairstylists and salon owners who are interested in adding holistic services & solutions behind the chair. 


Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or a newbie to the beauty world, if your heart is calling for a blend of hairstyling and holistic practices, this playbook is for you!


Do I need to have prior knowledge of Holistic or Wellness practices?


Answer: Not at all! This course is designed to guide you whether you’re experienced or a beginner.


Where is the class going to be?


Answer: The class is live on Zoom. You will be provided with a link to attend.


Does My Location Matter?


Answer: Not at all. What we will be going through will work regardless of location. 


What kind of support can I expect for this class?


Answer: You’ll have 1 months of access to our private inner circle community to ensure you’re supported and guided every step of the way.


How will this class help me increase my income as a hairstylist or salon owner?


Answer: The playbook will guide you through integrating unique, holistic, and high-value services & solutions into your hair services, allowing you to expand your menu and ultimately increase your prices.


How Long Do I Have Access to this class material?


Answer: After your purchase, you'll have immediate lifetime access to everything, including updates.

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